Stay Plugged in with HULK 4x4 Sockets, Plugs, Gauges & Housings

Monday, 13 Jan, 2020

HULK 4x4 is proud to announce the new range of Sockets, Plugs, Gauges & Housings to compliment the already successful range of HULK accessories offered for the 4x4, Caravan, Truck & Marine market.

These days we are fitting and using more electronics and accessories in our vehicles. Examples include charging phones, tablets, torches, hand-held UHF radios, portable jump packs, running fridges, inverters and 12V compressors, as well as hand-held spotlights, camping lights, GPS’s, dash cams, tyre pressure monitors and head-up displays.

The new HULK 4x4 range of Sockets, Plugs, Gauges & Housing are a fantastic way of customising your 4x4, Caravan, Camper Trailer, Truck or Boat.

Brand New OLED technology have now arrived! The HULK 4x4 range of OLED Ammeter & Voltmeter Gauges not only looks great but works phenomenally as well. There is a smooth, easy-to-read screen that allows you to keep an eye on Volts, Amps & Temperatures whilst on the go, whilst looking very modern and stands out from the crowd.

With the HULK 4x4 range of Sockets, Plugs, Gauges & Housings, simply choose how many sockets and gauges you require and then which mount housing to use in your required application and you are on your way!

Find out more at an authorised HULK 4x4 retailer now!

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